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DSIRF Decision Supporting Information Research and Forensic 

The DSIRF is a Swiss based company with offices in Vienna, Zurich and Moscow, providing mission-tailored services in the fields of information research, security and forensics, to multinational corporations in technology, retail, energy and financial sectors. Our 20 years of expertise have allowed us to establish a set of highly sophisticated techniques to gather and analyse information, in order to derive actionable intelligence, with the predominant objective to support the decision making process of our clients.

Decision Supporting

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Decision Supporting

In today’s increasingly complex and interdependent global markets, information has become the single most important currency, deciding over the success or failure of any business. The value of this currency has increased in times of economic boom, just as during recessions or crises. The challenge corporations face, thus, constitutes the extraction of the qualitative bit of meaningful, critical and thereby decision and strategy supporting information, out of the massive volumes of data that is being produced, distributed, stored and processed on a daily basis.

The DSIRF sharpens a business’ understanding about the political and commercial issues and risks of competing in new markets and operating in crisis situations, or crisis-struck environments. We monitor geopolitical risks and hold up-to-the-minute briefings to provide a company’s decision makers with the intelligence they need to establish and sustain a competitive edge.

Our information research activities, encompass tailored research operations through obtaining, processing and disclosing qualitative information and intelligence in the outset of a corporate restructuring, reorganisation, M&A, or strategically critical project. In this respect we scan a business’ environment by conducting background checks of insiders and outsiders, gathering information about competitors, potential partners, risk and non-risk clients. Determining political as well as commercial affiliations and outlining hidden threats posed, as well as disregarded opportunities given to a business.

We identify and analyse critical processes and information streams, carry out enhanced data due diligence to uncover potential liability risks and obligations arising out of the possession of certain classes of information. We take elaborate measures to secure critical information to preserve the company and its executives of dire legal and financial consequences or reputation loss, emanating from the abstraction of such data by organized cyber criminals or nation-state actors.

Information Research


Embezzlement, corruption, cyber-crime, insurance fraud, indemnity, and more. White-collar crime has many facets, frequently goes unnoticed for a considerable amount of time and inflicts wrecking damage on either financial assets, or reputation of affected businesses. Our approach to mitigate, trace and prevent such criminal activities is as versatile, thorough and relentless as the delinquents’ pursuit of them. In this respect we identify the facts at hand, ascertain potential violations of laws and regulatory procedures, perform end-to-end analyses of payment and cash flows, conduct methodical research about corporations and people and take decisive actions for financial asset tracing and restitution.

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