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Our story


DSIRF is a Swiss based company with offices in Vienna, Zurich and Moscow, providing mission-tailored services in the fields of information research, forensics as well as data- driven intelligence to multinational corporations in the technology, retail, energy and financial sectors.

Our 20 years of expertise have allowed us to establish a set of highly sophisticated techniques in gathering and analysing information, to support the decision-making processes of our clients. In today’s increasingly complex and interdependent global markets, information has become the single most important currency, presiding over the success or failure of any business. The value of this currency has increased in times of economic boom, just as during recessions or crises. The challenge corporations face, is to locate those elements which are critical to their strategic focus, and isolate them from the sheer volumes of data that are being produced, stored and processed every single day.

DSIRF sharpens a business’ understanding of the potential of these developments and enriches its insights in commercial, political and social environments. The unique combination of our predictive data models and tailored research operations allow us to manufacture intelligence products that directly translate into a strong competitive edge.

Company Information

VAT Number: ATU 71409246
Company reg. number: FN 455495 x

Contact details

Phone: +43 676 733 84 38
Email: [email protected]


Favoritenstrasse 7/2 DB
1040 Vienna