Information Management

The greater your information assets the higher the need for resourceful management and uncompromising security.

Our information systems management aims to identify areas of weakness, gaps in compliance and assess the overall security risk to your company. This is achieved through:

  1. the identification of your critical assets,
  2.  analysis of vulnerabilities, threats and risks to those assets and
  3.  high-level guidance in managing these risks, it will significantly leverage your business’ information security, simplify its management and provide a clear overview of central information flows.

Established, operative systems ought to be tested against their integrity, efficiency, compliance and advanced threat resistance, using a combination of coordinated Red Team and Blue Team engagements, internal and external network infrastructure penetration tests, as well as vulnerability assessments on industry-specific installations, such as industrial control or SCADA systems.

DSIRF deploy’s highly sophisticated Red Teams to challenge your company’s most critical assets. These teams establish threat models, specifically tailored to your business’ circumstances and environments, which allow them to think like your adversaries – be it insiders or outsiders – assessing the security of your business infrastructure and your employees.

Additionally, DSIRF identifies and analyses information streams central to your business, and carries out data due diligence to expose and manage liability risks and obligations arising out of the possession of certain classes of information. We take elaborate measures to secure critical information to preserve a company and its executives of dire legal or financial consequences and reputation loss caused by the potential abstraction of such data by organised crime groups or nation-state actors.

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